Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's a Dogs Life

Mandy, the beloved.  German Shepherd-Cattle Dog mix.  Does exactly as she's told, every time. A little neurotic.  Keeps Smokie in line.  Sneaks on our bed after we've fallen asleep.  Is a bed hog.  Barks only when necessary. Loves belly rubs.  She's just tall enough that she can plant her belly on top of your foot if you're sitting cross-legged in a chair.  This is her chair.  Smokie doesn't even think about getting in it.  

Smokie, the adored.  Spaniel-Cattle Dog mix.  Doesn't mind worth a hoot, despite many tries at training.  Can't be bothered with it.  Will do as she asked if a dog treat is involved.  Smart, wicked smart.  Can open the back door, but won't close it.  Barks at song birds and squirrels. Yelps at the deer because she has it in for all deer.  She was chased by a doe defending her fawn last year.  Sleeps in a crate at night.  Tends to be sneaky otherwise.  Besides, there's not enough room in our bed for two dogs, the cat and the two humans who bought the bed.

Tell me about your dogs.  My daughter is a cat person.  I'm crazy for dogs.  I think they hung the moon.  I think that Dog is God spelled backwards for a reason.  Unconditional love makes my heart sing.


  1. Oh, what a fun post. I, too, am a complete and total dog girl. Unconditional love is wonderful. I've blogged a lot - probably way to much, about my pup, Roxy.
    I really like that chair Mandy is sitting in - *I* want to sit in that chair. Do you think Mandy would share it with me? :-)
    That picture is so sweet...complete trust is in that pose. Roxy sleeps like that, too. Roxy also loves her crate during the day, but yes, is our resident bed hog at night. Is Smokie still fairly young?

  2. Your dogs are beautiful. How did they both get the cattle dog mix?
    I just wrote a post the other day about my pup. Stop by if you want.

  3. Mandy shares that chair with humans. Humans often fall asleep in that chair---there's just something about the way it wraps itself around you.

    Smokie was a year in October. She's such a pumpkin.

    How is Roxy fairing with your chicks? Mandy, being the dog that does what she's told, never so much as licked a chick. In fact, she chases and tumbles Smokie if she even thinks about chasing our grown chickens. Yesterday I found Smokie cowering on the back door because my roo had chased her and cornered her. Smoke's all bark and no bite. ;)

    As to the Cattle Dog mix in both dogs. I think because we live in a rural area where folks still run cattle and goats; there are a lot of CDs running loose making pups. Unfortunately, many folks buy certain breeds of dogs because they are cool to look at, but don't realize that they need a job. There's a glut of Cattle Dogs, Aussies, and Border Collies in rescue right now. Both my dogs are rescues.

  4. Lovely, joyful, happy dogs you have there!
    I love dogs, too, but was never really a 'dog person' until I married my hubby. I always preferred the independance and quirky love of cats, and have always owned at least one cat all my life.

    Our puppy German Shepherd is going through obediance training right now (you can see a recent post on my blog about her) and it has made the world of difference in her behavior.
    She was a bit out of control for the first 3 months of her life so that none of us wanted to pet her or spend any time with her (chewing, biting on tender skin, running amok, not coming when called, tearing up everything and jumping up on people)

    In just a month and half she is like a whole new dog. We still keep her in her kennel at night, like you do with Smokie, because she's just too sneaky. hehe

    I'm enjoying your wonderful blog as usual!

  5. I love the pictures! Dogs are wonderful additions to any family! :)