Saturday, March 15, 2008

Giving It a Try

I have a lengthy plant list.  Unfortunately, very little of it is built on edible plants.  We have a large deer population that I've just learned to live with.  There is only a small plot that is impenetrable to the four-legged munchers.  It's about 5 x 15 and surrounded by wrought iron fence that is within another wrought iron fence that is our backyard and pool area.  The rest of the four acres is open to any and all creatures that nibble and munch.  The beds that boarder the house are full of deer resistant plants. "Resistant"  being the important word.  Deer will eat anything if they are hungry enough.   The master gardener at my favorite nursery has this to say about the "Deer Resistant Plant List"----"The deer write that list!"   

I am trying something new this year in addition to the tried and true veggies.   Something that has been requested by my daughter.  Edamame.  It's funny that it has a fancy name if you eat it green, and a plain name (soy bean) if you eat it once it's dried.  My two boys won't touch it, but my hubby, daughter and I enjoy it a great deal.  I boil it in the pod in very salty water and then sprinkle it with some additional sea salt just before eating.  It gives us all permission to play with our food.  I love popping the beans into my mouth right out of the pod.  My daughter also loves to eat them cold the next day.  

And so, I'm hoping that we'll get some magic this summer and be able to eat edamame, fresh out of the garden instead of fresh out of the freezer.


  1. Nicely done! jdc

  2. Wow. I'm getting an eerie felling reading your blog! We share alot of interests and ideals.
    I, too love Edamame and think it odd that it has two names, based on how it's prepared.
    My favorite was is the way you mentioned. It's way better than potatoe chips (and healthier) to snack on.

    Someone once told me that eating anything soy can cause havoc on female hormones, though. And I wonder if that is based on fact? Do you know?
    I hope not because I don't want to give up edamame.

    I hope you'll keep updating on the growing of your soybeans, please.

  3. It's funny, after spending time on your blog I feel that same sort of eeiness---in a good way.

    Edamame doesn't much mess with estrogen unless you eat lots of it every day. I believe the thing that is in Edamame that might cause it, is used in the natural menopause medicines. Sort of like hormone replacement.

    I just put my little plants in the ground, but put 1 gallon pots (with the bottoms cut out) around them. We have such high winds this time of year that they were getting beat up. I also read on the seed packet, that starting them indoors isn't recommended. Oh well, we'll see.