Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dance with Me?

That's what he asked me, twenty-two years ago today---"Dance with Me?

We were at a church sponsored dance and he was the Young Adult leader. I was 2o and he was 23. I had just come out of a painful breakup of a relationship that I though would end in marriage and wasn't looking for someone in my life. I needed to heal. What I was doing at a dance, I don't know. A friend had insisted I go, "you need to get out...".

I knew Lee was attached, albeit with someone that was 500 miles away. I assumed that he was just being nice to me, since I was new to the group. I wasn't sure if I wanted to dance anyway. The music wasn't really my style---I was an Air Supply/Journey kind of girl and the music was Earth, Wind, and Fire/ Hip Hop kind of music. I said 'yes' anyway and Lee excused himself to talk the D.J. A smooth piece of music by Al Jarreau was put on and I was caught off guard. A slow dance!

He wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close and we danced. We danced again after that and then again. My mind was swirling and my heart was pounding--This can't be happening, I don't want to like anyone else. I still love Kenyon....or do I? The rest of the evening he was the only other person on the planet.

The end of the evening had to come and it did. It was time to leave and he walked me to my car. "Can I call you?" "I thought you had a girlfriend?" "Well, we decided since we're living 500 miles apart that we should be able to date other people." Normally, I would have run far and fast from just such an arrangement, but I was lost in his blue eyes and smile. He seemed so much more sure of himself than any other man I'd ever met. How could I say no?

I gave him my number, got in my car and drove away. It must have been by the grace of God that I got home safely, as I didn't remember any of the drive home. The entire time my head was spinning with how amazing this man was, and how it was impossible for me to open my heart again---certainly not to a man that was still in a long-distance relationship with a college sweetheart.

He called. We dated and the rest is wonderful history. He's still the only other person on the earth---for me anyway.

Thanks, honey, for asking me to dance.


  1. Wow! What gorgeous blue yes! I bet you felt like you could drown in his eyes!

    I'm an Air Supply/Journey girl, too. I remember cutting class on day just to stand in line at the ticket center to purchase Journey concert tickets. sigh....seems to long ago now.

  2. This is a lovely story, CeeCee....
    (I'm so glad Blogger recommended I read it after I'd finished today's lizard post) :-) :-)