Friday, February 26, 2016

Beginning of the End--For Now

On March 13, 2008 at 10:13 CST, I published my first blog post.

My mother had just died in late February and I was feeling contemplative, among other things.  

I wanted to get my thoughts down on paper.  Blogging was a better alternative for many reasons.
And so, it began.

Today, it will end. 

I feel badly that people keep checking back and having to see that horrible meme of the spider/house on fire thing when they open it.
I haven't run out of things I can blog about, for sure!  I just don't feel the urge to put "pen to paper" as it were.  

I published 885 posts.
Since the beginning, so many, many things have changed.
Some good, some bad, some heart-breaking and some glorious.  
Change is change.

Eric and I are still married, just as I expected we'd be.  
Preston was 16 and is now 24.  He graduated high school, college, got married and now has 2 kids.  
Jenna was 13 and is now 21.  She graduated high school, is a Jr. in college now and engaged.
Quinn was 9 and is now 17.  He's a Jr. in high school and has already picked his college.
My kids were just children when this began, and now Eric and I are on the verge of having an empty nest.

There are more stories of how things have changed, and they're all here on the blog.
The best changes of all are the grandkids! As I will tell anyone that will listen, the Grandparent Club is the best club ever invented! I recommend it for all my friends!

Preston and Katie just had their second little girl, Colette, on the 17th.  She and her big sister, Everly, are 17 months apart.

They certainly provide me with things I could blog about, but I believe that it's time to find a different outlet----or maybe no outlet at all.  Blogging served a purpose for me and I think it's run its course.

I still read other's blogs.  I just don't comment anymore.  If you have been a reader, I thank you for being a part of the last many years of my life.  Several of you, I have gotten to know personally. 

There may be a day in the future, when this blog will be needed as an outlet again.  Maybe we'll meet up again then.  Until then, take care of yourself.  


Everly Marie
Colette Marielle