Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spring Cleaning

Outdoors, not indoors.
Indoors doesn't have to wait for spring.
Heck, indoors isn't even a place I want to be.

 As often happens on 4 acres, what starts out as a little cleanup with a chainsaw and a pair of loppers, ends up being a brush pile that takes on a life of its own.  
In the picture above, you see my neighbor's house and the place where the brush pile used to be.
I had to move the entire thing by hand because we made the mistake of putting it under a tree.  That mistake was made because we intended to chip the pile ourselves.  It didn't matter where we put it, we just wanted to be able to have the chips end up on the driveway.  As the pile grew, our resolve to spend a weekend chipping, shrunk.  It sat for months, as you can tell by the large space where no grass is growing.

I fully expected to find a snake, a fox, a skunk, an opossum, a raccoon, or a nest of rats.  I actually expected a rattlesnake.  My eyes and ears were on high alert the entire time.  When I was a little girl, every single rattlesnake I encountered made a sound that was unmistakeable.  The one Eric found in our garage at 4am, made that sound.  You cannot rely on them to rattle anymore.  I have a friend who relocates snakes for people that find them but don't want to kill them,  and he tells me that rattlesnakes don't always rattle anymore.  I thought it was just rumor, but he assures me it is not.  Luckily, the only snake I found in the pile was a baby Coachwhip.  Not real happy about being picked up and photographed, but harmless.

The second pile.  As large as the first.
Lots of Advil is what is needed at this point in my life when I bend, cut, pull, and toss.
Still, it feels good to see the work done.
I'm beyond blessed that I still can!  I'm able-bodied and doing work like this means I am making it possible to do it again in the future.
Move it or lose it.

We hired someone to come get the piles.  Money well spent!
The brush gets hauled to a local business to be added to a mulch pile.  The man and his son that own the hauling company are local as well.  Everyone wins.

Are you doing any spring cleaning?
Indoors or Out?